STARTING POINT: By connecting elevators to an AI-powered cloud which analyzes their behaviour and status, KONE can predict maintenance needs, and prevent breakages before they happen. Our task was to launch that service globally.

APPROACH: Next to the idea to let the world listen to intelligent machine conversations for the very first time, we decided in the very beginning to partner with IBM global marketing to amplify the message, impact and reach. Read more about that cooperation here. IBM is using Machine Conversations in their own marketing efforts and KONE got featured in a nation-wide US TV campaign for the very first time – run by IBM.

SOLUTION: We transformed live data into real-time conversations and translated over 500 data signals into human sentence equivalents. We gave selected elevators a human voice – using IBM BlueMix — and demystified IoT, AI and machine learning, and let the world listen to machines having and intelligent conversation for the first time in history. We added several elevators from our key market areas to Machine Conversations to further increase local PR activities.

RESULTS: Machine Conversations were featured in over 1300 stories in media and engaged with than 3,6 million people on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn — ultimately reached an audience of 755 million listeners and viewers globally until 28.09.2017 (last measurement point). Machine Conversations are ongoing and a multi-functional tool which helps to explain and sell the service just as much as it benefits the KONE brand globally in an unprecedented way.

There’s paint drying and then there’s listening to elevators talk, both calming and now both available online.


MEASUREMENT PERIOD 10.2.2017 – 28.9.2017

The campaign has been awarded with a gold- and silver Effie for its effectiveness.




Ever wondered what machines are saying to each other?

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