– the most uneventful VR experience ever made

Escalators are boring by design. The only time we notice them is if they break down. Thanks to KONE’s 24/7 Connected Services, broken down escalators are a thing of the past. 

By connecting their escalators to IBM Watson’s Cloud Services, KONE can monitor their performance, surroundings and status in real-time. This enables predictive, tailored and intelligent maintenance. When escalators are serviced before breakage, KONE can keep them running without interruptions, almost endlessly.

But how do you market something that is innovative, but essentially boring? Our solution was to bring something fresh, news worthy and innovative to the method of storytelling itself, while making it so uneventful it becomes captivating.

That’s why we created the world’s most boring VR-experience. Goes to show, that even the most boring subject can become an international sensation when put in the right context.

Like those weird Norwegian Netflix films where you ride a train for ten hours, it’s actually entrancing.
— Matthew Huges, The Next Web


As the construction market is slowing down globally, KONE has increasingly shifted their focus from new equipment business towards services. Digitalization is changing elevator and escalator maintenance and many of KONE’s competitors has launched new services within this area of business. KONE wanted to launch their IoT-service in a way that clearly stands out and create a competitive edge.

The 24/7 Connected Services combines KONE equipment with IBM’s Watson-platform, which analyses escalator activity in real-time, every second of every day. Continuous monitoring helps KONE make timely service and maintenance procedures, which prevents unnecessary breakage.

By creating an immersive VR-experience, KONE was able to connect with the audience in a manner completely new to the company. The message; KONE’s 24/7 Connected Service makes escalators run without interruptions, was communicated in a surprising, effective way. In a world of fast-paced content and short attention spans, KONE managed to differentiate and stand out by presenting something utterly uneventful in an impressive, thoughtful way.

How do you market Something as Boring as an Escalator? Make a VR Experience of Course!
— VRFocus



MEASUREMENT PERIOD 28.2.2018 – 20.3.2018

The audience got to enjoy the holistic VR-experience at exhibitions, show-rooms and downtown malls - while standing on a mini-escalator. We also made the experience accessible through phone-enabled VR-goggles and as a 360°-video on the campaign site: machineconversations.kone.com/escalators.

Apparently this is the most boring VR experience ever.


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