The Wearables Grown from a Tree

Metsä needed to create greater public awareness of its brand and to raise discussion around their role in developing Finland’s bio-economy amongst a younger mainstream audience. They have been making large investments in their wood fibre business with a new state of the art bioproduct mill creating wood pulp and bio-energy more efficiently than ever before.

Metsä is an innovative company focused on a sustainable future. However, they have one problem, the general public see Metsä and the forest industry as a traditional, industrial business. While the product Metsä creates from its wood fibre production is pulp which is commonly known only for making paper or board.


The idea   

The Nordic wood fibre Metsä utilizes from Finnish forests is the highest quality fibre in the world, this fibre can be used to create numerous materials from textiles to bio-composite plastics. When produced on an industrial scale these materials could replace traditional cottons and plastics which are harmful to our planet.

We set out to concept and create prototype products made from wood fibre and 100% biodegradable materials. We joined forces with designers from Aalto University’s Chemarts lab to develop two future vision products that would inspire and capture the imagination of viewers.


The Execution

Our focus was to create something from industries that are of high interest to the general public but also from problem industries, so we settled on a piece from fashion to communicate the issues around non-sustainable fabrics and a piece from wearable technology, a huge industry which today uses a lot of plastics and non biodegradable materials.

The project moved from sketch level designs to testing various materials that can be created from wood fibre, eventually settling on sneaker and a headset made with a combination of 3D printed bio-composite for the base structures combined with textile fibre to make the outer surfaces will pulp as padding material.

Each of the one-off wearables were tailor made to fit our models and became central elements to the digital content and campaign materials.  


The launch   

The biodegradable sneaker and wearable headset became the hero pieces of an online campaign and featured in the form of short video teasers in facebook and instagram, inviting viewers to dive into the Metsä process and learn more about the project in a making-of video.

An in depth campaign site opened up the concept work and shared all the developments and actions Metsä’s fibre business is doing to forge a bio-economy around forestry.

This project is helping to shape Metsä’s role in a global shift towards renewables as an alternative to fossils. Working with innovative partners around the world to bring the benefits into commercial production.


“This campaign was our most successful digital campaign of the year.”

– Katariina Saelan, Marketing Communications Manager, Metsä Group


See the case film


“This project attracted interest in our industry and operations through modern and meaningful communication.”

Juha Laine, Senior Vice President, Communications, Metsä Group




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