Italian based company ALU specializes in the design of high quality modular and custom-made merchandising systems, widely used for global fashion and retail store displays. After 30 years in the industry they were looking to rebrand both their product and service company ALU, while simultaneously creating a completely different identity for their sister company MiND, an online magazine that comments on the wider aspects of retail culture, design and lifestyle.

ALU-MiND_VH_Entries_ModulesArtboard 19.jpg
ALU-MiND_VH_Entries_ModulesArtboard 9.jpg

Creative solution: 

The solution was to build a single master brand personality celebrating idea of reinvention with key characteristics that would allow the two new brands to look different but with some similarities in behaviour. Growth & transformation were two guiding principles that well represented the ALU adjustable and extendable nature of ALU products plus fitted well with the ever-changing culture and business of fashion retail. These two properties would guide the way the two identities moved in dynamic executions and adapted to different formats.

Execution (ALU):

The ALU identity was to visually reflect the nature of their telescopic, adjustable products. Inspired in part by their original flagship product Autopole, which is still permanent part of New York’s MoMA design and architecture collection. The new logo features a similar thicker outer part which adjusts to different positions over the inner form. The adaptable logo signage construction is even displayed in different metals and in different forms at their various offices.

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Execution (miND):

The MiND identity was to be bold and expressive to create an impactful magazine-like appeal, the construction of the letterforms meant that it would have a strong personality to drive a distinctive look for the community. The movement would also follow the principles of transformation, allowing it to adapt and grow to fit many forms from digital branding, social content or large-scale event branding.