We translated 3572 real-time data signals into engaging content – and TwitTer followed.

Each second, around 6000 tweets are being posted on Twitter. This corresponds to over 500 million tweets every day. In February 2018, an unexpected source suddenly crashed the party.

By connecting their escalators to the cloud and monitoring their performance, Finnish manufacturer of elevators and escalators, KONE, makes maintenance predictive, tailored and intelligent.

We wanted to make this complicated IoT-service concrete and understandable to the wider audience. By interpreting the data provided to the cloud by the escalator, and translating it into readable messages, we created the world’s first tweeting escalator.

On Twitter, the world could follow the inner thoughts of an unnamed London escalator - and they did.

The use of social media, specifically Twitter, as a platform for our communicational concept, allowed us to interact with our audience in a completely new way. In an attempt to simplify a fairly technical service and make it easily approachable and engaging, we used the framework and limitations of Twitter to our advantage and created a campaign revealing the thoughts of an escalator.

As we have access to the inner thoughts of a London escalator, why not translate them into human tweets and share them with the world?

KONE now brings a human touch to escalators, the workhorses of the world’s cities.


MEASUREMENT PERIOD 28.2.2018 – 20.3.2018

With the campaign, our goal was to a) raise awareness around KONE’s Connected Services globally, b) communicate that escalators are now included in the service offering, and c) strengthen KONE’s position as an innovation leader.

The campaign gathered 42.8M potential views and 1345 Twitter followers, even though it was, well, just an escalator.

We managed to spark conversation on Twitter and in the media, and even to organically engage global thought leaders. The tweeting escalator received overwhelmingly positive feedback and, much to our surprise, people even expressed missing the escalator once the campaign concluded.



This is amazing! Congrats!


Through real-time, automated tweets, we gave people a rare glimpse into the daily activities, condition, performance and surroundings of an unnamed London escalator.

As data is the driving force behind the product itself, we also made data the core of our concept. We gathered the data provided by sensors in a KONE escalator and used it creatively to help promote the product. Today, an array of sensors measures everything from escalator direction and speed, to handrail temperatures, noise levels and energy consumption.

This data is fed into the system and aggregated in order to provide predictive maintenance scheduling to customers. We integrated directly into the cloud service to intercept the escalator data in real-time, and convert the data into meaningful messages as if the escalator was reporting it’s performance in intelligent, human musings. Whilst systems communicate in complicated data-exchange formats, KONE's customers were able to understand this exchange in a more human-friendly format that they use every day.

To make the posts fully automated, real-time and diverse, we had to pre-write hundreds of messages, including code-handles, that would integrate the current escalator values, units and performance in the tweets. By assigning weights to the messages, according to importance and frequency, we made sure that the twitter feed stayed dynamic and interesting.

The campaign on Twitter ran from February 28th, 2018 to March 20th, 2018.



As the construction market is slowing down globally and especially in China, KONE has increasingly shifted their focus from new equipment business towards services. Digitalization is changing elevator and escalator maintenance and many of KONE’s competitors has launched new services within this area of business. We wanted to launch KONE’s IoT-service in a way that clearly stands out and create a competitive edge.

The new 24/7 Connected Services connects KONE equipment with IBM’s Watson-platform, which analyses escalator activity in real-time, every second of every day. Continuous monitoring helps KONE make timely service and maintenance procedures, which prevents unnecessary breakage.

In 2017, we launched KONE’s Connected Services for elevators and showed conversations between machines. In 2018, the escalator took to Twitter.

Escalators are boring by design, even to the target groups. Mindless carousels of rubber and steel. The only chance for an escalator to get noticed is if it breaks down. This means that we make them even more invisible by monitoring them in order to keep them running without interruption.

How do you market something that is innovative, but essentially uneventful? Our solution was to bring something fresh, captivating and news worthy to the method of storytelling itself.